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Buying Your Tickets
Ticket Types

Enterprize has several types of ticket available.

These are:

-Infant - A child under the age of 3

-Child - Child between the ages of 3 and 15 (inclusive)

-Concession - A person 16 years or older who is entitled to a concession (health care card, pension, seniors card, etc.)

-Adult - A person 16 years or older who holds no concession cards

-Family - 2 adults and 2 children

On certain sails Enterprize does not sell Concession tickets. These include Overnight Adventure sails, and special Day or Evening Sails.


We recommend booking online to ensure that you can see available locations and times, and have immediate confirmation of your booking.

If you are experiencing difficulty booking, please phone our office on 03 9621 1294 between 9am and 3pm, Monday to Friday, or leave a message outside office hours. Alternatively, email us at anytime.


Having trouble booking online?


PLEASE NOTE: A 'VOUCHER' is NOT a booking!


You can book sails by either Type or Location.

Click the Book link next to the desired combination of the two, and you will be taken to a 'checkout' page.

At the top right there is a calendar - click on the desired dates, and below the calendar will display the sessions on that date.

Click on the ticket types you need, and select from the drop-down box how many of that type of ticket you want.

(To buy a voucher, there is another set of boxes below.)

Click the green 'Book now' button, and checkout like any other online shop.

Please be careful to only click the 'Book now' button ONCE - as clicking a second time will take a second payment from your account.

If you are unsure whether your booking has been successful, please email us.

You MUST provide an email address and Mobile telephone number when you book, as these will be used to contact you in case of a cancellation - if you are booking for someone else, make sure you put THEIR email and phone number in the Passenger section.


Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of purchase.

You can buy a Gift Voucher for any of our sails through the Gift Vouchers page.

Gift Vouchers must specify a location, but we are usually happy to change this for you - just phone or email us.

If you have a Voucher with a number like this - 0001234 - then it is from our old system, and you will have to contact us to redeem it.



There may be times when Enterprize has to cancel a sail.

This is most likely due to dangerous weather conditions - either high seas or high winds. In these events, the cancellation is for the safety of the ship, the crew, and the passengers.

If you have booked, you will be sent a voucher via email, which you can then redeem via the Gift Voucher page.

If you would like to redeem this voucher for a different location, please contact the office via email.

Alternatively, you can contact the office for a refund via credit card only.

Click here to view our Refunds Policy.


To redeem a Gift Voucher, visit the Gift Vouchers page.


Getting on Board & Accessibility
Once you've booked you're ready to go - your name will appear on the manifest on the day.


Please arrive at the ship 15 minutes before the ship is due to depart - this gives us a buffer in case you have trouble finding a car park, and will also give you time to find a place to sit.


You must be at the ship 5 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time at the absolute latest.

If you are not present, your place on board may be allocated to standby passengers.


If you are in a wheelchair, that's fine! Most wheelchairs will fit on our gangway, which is 60cm wide.

There is normally a small step (Appx 15-20cm) at the top and/or bottom of the gangway.


Please note, however, that the only toilets onboard are down a ladder, so please take this into account.

Most Piers and Jetties have accessible toilets nearby.


What To Expect


Q - What should I wear and bring?

A - See the next section!


Q - Will I be expected to pull on any ropes?

A - Only if you want to!

Our Volunteer crew get tired over a day of sails, so any extra hands are more than welcome. If you would prefer to sit back and relax, that's fine!


Q - Will we put the sails up?

A - Yes!

Even if there is only a little wind, we will put the sails up. If there is a lot of wind, we can reef the sails (make them smaller). If the wind is dangerously strong, the Master will cancel the sail and you will be notified by email and SMS (so please make sure you provide correct address and phone numbers!).


Q - Do I need to wear a life vest during the sail?

A - No.


Q - What if it's raining?

A - We will still sail!

If the wind and/or rain is light to moderate, Enterprize will still sail. (See What to Wear and Bring) If it is heavy rain, the Master may cancel the sail and you will be notified by email and SMS.



What To Wear and Bring


Keep in mind:

Enterprize has wooden decks, which stiletto heels can damage, so please avoid wearing them - flat shoes are best, as you will find your sea legs better in them.



Enterprize is traditionally rigged - that means she's basically dipped in tar!

Please avoid wearing clothes that won't stand up to a bit of dirtying.

If you do get tar on your clothing, try washing it in hot soapy water.

For tar on skin, warm water and soap will get you clean.



If you are over 16 years or older, we can take you for a climb up our rigging (in full harness, and at the captain's discretion).


To be allowed to do this you must be:


-wearing trousers or shorts (NO skirts - for modesty's sake)

-wearing shoes that will not fall off (NO thongs, Crocs, mules, etc.)

-physically capable - if you have bad knees or hips and cannot easily climb a ladder, it may be best to give it a miss.

-not carrying anything that will fall our of your pockets.


If you do choose to climb the rigging, you will be given a safety briefing before you begin.



We do have some seating, but it is quite limited, and where possible, preference will be given to those who most need it in this regard.


If bringing a camera, it's best to make sure it has a wrist strap, as the ship may move unexpectedly.


You are welcome to bring a picnic lunch or dinner, including a bottle of wine (or your beverage of choice - within moderation), but please be aware that the ship will move, so containers need to be sealable, and glassware should be plastic.


Summer/Spring Sails

Sailing in the warmer months is wonderful - but it can be unpleasant if you don't have enough sun protection.





-Plenty of water to drink

-Warm, windproof layer to put on, as the wind can have a chill to it


Winter/Autumn Sails

Sailing in the cooler months is more exciting than in the summer months, and you get a much more 'authentic' sailing experience, but you need to make sure you are prepared.



-Wet weather jacket (and trousers if neccesary)

-Warm layers to put on if the weather changes

-Warm, water resistant shoes 


Overnight Adventure Sails

When joining us for an Overnight Adventure sail, you need to bring a bit more!

Please note - 8 passengers sleep in one cabin, with the ninth sharing a cabin with up to 6 crew.

Shortly after buying tickets for an overnight sail, our office will email you a Booking Form - please fill it out and return ASAP so that we can plan menus around any dietary requirements.


What we provide:

​-All meals

-One Pillow each (With pillowcase)

-Sheet for bunks

-Tea and Coffee


What you need to bring:

-Sleeping bag

-Pillow (if you need more than one)

-Seasickness medication if affected


​-Clothing to weather

-Thermals are recommended

-Decent shoes for climbing rigging

-Sunscreen is recommended



Safety on Enterprize

Please always be aware that a tall ship can be a hazardous place - there are lots of things that move, and that you can bump your head on. 


Always listen to instructions from crew, and be aware of safety signage.


DO NOT SIT on the life rafts which have red canvas covers. Sitting on these can damage them, causing them to become inoperable in an emergency.


If you are going belowdecks, please go down the ladders BACKWARDS.



Managing Seasickness


Seasickness is very rarely an issue on One Hour or Evening sails – most passengers who are worried about it have been surprised that they didn’t feel sick at all!

If you are coming on a four-hour Bay Cruise, overnight or longer sail, however, it’s best to bring some medication along just in case.


The important thing to remember is – If you are feeling seasick STAY ON DECK! You are much more likely to feel ill down belowdecks.



Children on Enterprize


It is traditional that all children must find, and then ring, the ship’s bell upon coming aboard. 

(But only one ring each, and nobody is allowed to tell the location of the bell!)


If they are very quick to do so, they can take on the ultimate challenge – finding the steering wheel!

Once they’ve found it, they can even learn how to steer the ship, and help out the crew.


But please remember that a tall ship is not a playground, and keep an eye on your kids - the crew are not babysitters.

Children 10 years and under must be supervised at all times. 


Please avoid bringing large prams on board where possible - there is limited space on deck.

If your pram can fold up, then we can stow it below for you if neccesary.


In an emergency we have life vests for children and infants as well as adults- there is no need to bring your own.